Porthtowan Dunes Update Spring 2022

dunes plan
On Wednesday 30th March, the Porthtowan Beach Association (PBA) and St Agnes Marine Conservation Group met with Cornwall Council environment team to assess Porthtowan dunes and what can be done to tidy up the area and continue to help growth and development of the dune systems prior to the summer season.
It was wonderful to see the dunes in a really good state – thank you so much to everyone who respects the fencing and is enabling this wonderful coastal habitat to thrive. Dunes are so important not just to wildlife but to us – they play a key role in coastal protection , slowing beach erosion and even creating barriers to flooding. They are also just blooming beautiful and we are lucky to have them!! 👍
Moving forward we will be removing some of the netting which has become untidy, and will re-strain the fencing wire to make the area look smarter. You will also soon see some community made interpretation appearing to gently remind to try and stay out of the fenced areas and why they are so important. Finally a small patch at the back on the dunes may be extended out to help the recovery of the area. Watch this space!!!
Thanks everyone – Abby Crosby (PBA Vice Chair)
Falmouth Marine School are volunteering to help the Dunes Group as part of their environmental project alongside Cornwall Council. Their tutor is Beth Trevethick who is Porthtowan’s Surfers Against Sewage Rep too.

Porthtowan Dunes

Maintenance and planting – Spring/summer 2022
Cornwall Council/Cormac
1. Repair all existing fencing as necessary. Including re-straining wires and firming or replacing loose
2. Remove short section of fence from central beach front (marked black)
3. Remove exposed wire and mesh from the front sections of fence and install approximately 70m
new rope barrier along the same line (marked yellow)
4. Remove southern back section of fence (marked black)
5. Extend southern back section of dunes in a flowing shape to accommodate desire lines –
approximately 42m new rope barrier (marked blue)
6. Provide marram grass for planting in gaps along dune front and within the extended area and assist
with community planting session.
7. Remove remains of low posts from previous fence along the stream path.

Community (Falmouth Marine School volunteers)

8. Remove green mesh fencing (marked green). Cut above sand line if needed, rather than excavating
buried mesh. Repurpose within the parish. (New Jubilee wood could use some)
9. Remove redundant cable ties
10. Make new signs to explain what the fenced dunes are for and to encourage people to keep off.
11. Litter pick the dunes carefully
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