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    Raising the Blue Flag Ceremony 2021

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The Beach

The beach at Porthtowan has been drawing people to the edge of the sea for many, many years. The revitalising properties associated with the ionising seaspray and salts, the massaging of the feet by the sand and the body by the waves plus the feeling of personal freedom all come together to heighten the body’s sense of awareness.

What Shall We Do?

A whole day at the beach or just an hour is sometimes enough. You can take the full set of beach equipment or just yourselves. You will always find something of interest. A walk to watch the clouds unfurl, or spot Dolphins, Seals and the occasional Basking Shark. There are Para-Gliders to watch hovering above the cliffs and Seagulls and Faulmers doing the same feeding their young and learning to fly. Build a sandcastle, your name in the sand, a sculpture, a shell picture, read a book, do nothing, try everything, battle with a BBQ while your neighbour gets it just right, Surf, bodyboard or paddle. Go fishing or snorkeling. Chips or Ice cream? Beer or Milkshake? This is what a day at Porthtowan beach is all about.

Our Wonderful Surf

Porthtowan has a long history of surfing and Life Saving since the sixties when the first surfboards appeared from Australia. The sport was embraced and little surf shops started to appear. Tris Surf has shaped and sold boards from the early days, when the only place you could get a board or surf clothing was from these kinds of small outlets and before surfing became a worldwide phenomenon. Most of the locals at Porthtowan are surfers, have surfed or have some kind of connection with the surfing community and industry. One of the first ‘eco’ friendly surfblanks have been devised and created here by Homeblown.


Dogs are welcome at Porthtowan, but there is a seasonal ban in operation. You CAN take you dog on the beach between 1st October and 14th May. From 15th May until 30th September dogs are NOT permitted on the beach between 10am and 6pm. As this is the bathing season please ensure you clean up after your dog if you go early morning or late evening.

Cornwall Council Dog Rules


The village has all the facilities to ensure a happy day at the coast. You can recycle your waste and bins are provided to encourage a clean environment. There is parking, some free and some paid and the main car park(almost on the beach) has a disabled public convenience.

Defib and Emergency Phone

These can be found by the lifeguard hut on the left of the beach as you face the sea. Another defibrillator can be found on the village hall (roadside).


Madden SandmanSpiral Porthtowan






Madden’s Sandman Art photos(above) are available as gallery quality Lamda (C-Type equivalent) prints in editions of five at £250.00 unframed.
email for info on postage worldwide costs.