Porthtowan Beach Clean 14th June 2015

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the St Agnes Marine Conservation Group for organising the beach cleans at Porthtowan.Thank you also to everyone attending the beach cleans over the months, keeping the beach clean and ultimately, protecting all sea life.

What a beautiful day it was for the last beach clean at Porthtowan until the Autumn. The first thing I noticed as I walked to the beach were the flowers covering the wall around the play park. They were beautiful.

Purple flowers - beach clean day june 14

Purple flowers – beach clean day june 14

As I helped to pick up the beach rubbish, firstly my body warmer came off, then my wellingtons and socks. It felt so good to have my feet in the sand again. The rubbish today was mainly very small, bright green bits of netting rope. Most of it was tangled in the sea weed so it meant lots of bending down rather than using the litter pickers. However, the beach was fairly clean before we started because the Beach Cleaner has been out each morning. By the time we finished, the beach had been ‘picked clean’. We then went into Blue Bar as they had offered us a free drink ( I never say no to anything going free!!) Thanks to Blue Bar for this. I also understand that Heather at the Beach Cafe has previously offered free drinks so Thanks also to Heather.

Ten Adults and three children took part in the beach clean and numerous people came to talk to us. It really is a very nice feeling to be with very friendly people, talk to people using the beach and know that you are helping the fight to save the sea life.

Hope to see you in the Autumn.

Lynn D.

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