Beach Clean Review. Sunday 23rd November







What a lovely morning it was for the beach clean at Porthtowan on Sunday. This was organised by the St Agnes Marine Conservation Group. Nine adults and three children took part in the clean. It is a very friendly activity and anyone can join in. People using the beach often ask what we are doing. Two little girls asked me, “What exactly are you looking for”. I explained that the big bags were for general rubbish and I was able to show them two different examples of Shark Egg Cases (Mermaids Purse) that had been found. They went away very excited to tell their mummy what they had seen. During this beach clean,we collected bottle tops separately for the Rame Peninsular Beach Care  Campaign. They hope to raise the profile of marine litter by stringing the bottle tops together.

Interestingly, the last beach clean we did during October, bottle tops were the main find, on this occasion, it was plastics and rope. We collected 9 bags of rubbish and almost a full bucket of bottle tops.

The next beach clean in Porthtowan will be on December 14th. Why not come along, it is a very  interesting event, you meet people and you will be making a difference for marine life and for Porthtowan beach. You don’t have to stay the full 2 hours, any help is very welcome so put it in your diary. We hope to see you on the 14th.

(Linda Davies, Great Eggcase Project Co-ordinator )


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