5 to 1 Fin Fair


The 5-1 Fin Fair is a standard format surf competition for 40 competitors and will take place at Porthtowan from 10am to 5pm on Saturday 25th October. It is open to all but is pitched at experienced and expert surfers. The event is available to enter online with possibility of beach entry if maximum numbers are not reached.The focus of the surfing event is on style. And the most stylish surfer in accordance with judging criteria will be the winner.

Heats of 4 persons, with a grand final of 5 persons. 20 minute heats. The contest consists of five categories: single fin; 2 fin / twinnie / fish; Thruster or any 3 fin set-up; 4 fin set up / quad; and finally 5 fin / Bonzer. Each category will progress through a knockout format, back-to-back 20 minutes heats, followed by a final to crown a winner in each class.

A grand final will be held between the winners of each of the category, with the victor crowned the KING OF THE FINS.

This event is being organised by Chris Nelson – Event Director, Demi Taylor – Event Director, Nick Holden – Comp Director for Approaching Lines.

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